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  • What's about Dubrovnik ?

    par Manon Croatie, Croatie, Europe

    They call it, Pearl in the Adriatic. They call it King's Landing. It has been called Ragusa. It is Dubrovnik. And it is my new home for a couple months ! Why going there ?

    Old stones
    The town is here since the 7th century, built this way in the 17th, totaly out of white stones. There is two palaces, huge churches and a cathedral. The city centre is absolutely stunning. A croatian waitress told us "Bah - it's just stones !" but believe me, every morning, having such a beautiful surrounding is great !

    The View
    The city is full of places to overlook on the city ! From the city walls, the top of Mt Sergent, or the fortress, the view over the old town is always a delight.

    Up and down the stairs, the city is basically as such : a main flat street, and then dozens of small perpendicular streets going UP the stairs. Means if you leave the main street, you are climbing stairs. Why is it so great ? After going up and down 5 times during the day : you get fit like you've never been, and your cardio is safe ! No need to work out for the summer !

    To work out why ? - To go to the beach obviously ! In Dubrovnik, there is no such a thing as a sandy beach, there is some on Elafiti islands, but not on the main land. In Dubrovnik, what rocks, are Cliffbeaches, where I started to learn how to cliffjump : nothing much yet, I don't feel like brave enough, but CliffEagle my colleague is an expert of the backflip from 14meters high cliff. 

    Croatian food is meat. MEAT and veggies. There is a vegetarian restaurant in town, called "Nishta" - means "nothing" because someone eating no meat eats nothing. My boss is cooking for us everyday, and I have the delight to eat croatian homemade food daily ! The town of Dubrovnik is one of the best I've been for seafood. The Squids in LadyPipi, barbecued, are the best I have ever had. 

    Croatian people's devotion
    Croatian people (or at least Dubrovnik people) are hard workers, they have two or three jobs, two or three Airbnb don't know about days-off. They are always aiming for the best, the best review, the best food, the most friendly place. So when tourists arrive, they are amazed by the kindness they are shown. Because croatian people would do whatever it takes to make the best for this tourist. The other day, at midnight, after finishing her job with me, a colleague had to go and change linnens of some tourists, because I fly had landed on it. They are devoted to what they do, and the best example, being my boss, devoted to us more than a mother would be!

    Quiet town
    Let's not lie : Dubrovnik is Not a party town. Yes, there is the Revelin, one of the 25 best clubs in Europe because inside of a fortress. But that's it. Alcohol is quite expensive (count on +/-5€ for a pint in an irish pub), pubs are closing at 2am, and after this, only one last option if not Revelin : Skybar. Skybar is good, with good people and already very drunk : playlist is the same everyday, from 80's remix to Justin Bieber & croatian disco. 
    The quietness of the town is highlighted by a very strict noise policy : after 10pm, no more noise in side streets. I saw Irish pubs having to put everyone back inside because the police asked so. We are always advising people that the fine for noise can be 250€.

    Games of Throne
    The place is the location, since season 2, of King's landing. It is very funny to recognize places! The Iron throne is located for 1 year on the lokrum Island, where one can pose as king of the seven kingdoms. After northern Ireland, it seems that G.O.T is following my gap year ! I can't wait for the next season, because I may recognize places or people !

    My job
    I'm volunteering in a hostel, means I have food and accomodation for free, all that for 6h a day to work - luckily I have the nightshift ! The rest of time I can spend at the beach ! I have excellent colleagues and boss, and I have the luck to meet everyday travellers, interesting people from all over the world : and that's very probably the best part of it !