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    par Aurore & Manon, Europa Trip 2015, Europe

    3 nights in Berlin !

    We started our stay in Berlin by a visit of the town on our own, we saw the main places of Berlin, the Brandenburg gate and straight in front, the Bundestag that I was hearing of since I started german ! 

    Then we met with Ezgy and Tim, which I didn't see since the first semester so it was very good to see them ! We had a beer together, and then we went through the tiergarten, the angel and the castle of Berlin ! With Aurore we ate Italian, and then I went to meet them again in the big party-quarter of Berlin : Warshauer. It's full of old factories, full of graffities, it is amazing, beer is cheap and mood is good ! After a beer, we headed to the very first gay-lesbian club of my life, in there we had a lot of fun, we met very nice people, danced on french songs, and partied all night !

    The next day, with Aurore we ate vietnamian, and then visited under a crazy heat, but with a very nice guide, Berlin ! We saw the memorial of the Shoa, the palace of Hitler and the place of his bunker, checkpoint Charlie and then with Aurore we went to see the remainings of the walls, it was really interesting ! We learned that actually the wall felt because one guy didn't go to the meeting in the morning and told the wrong thing to journalists !

    Then I went to the East Side Gallery, of which I heard in my german lessons since i'm young, It is a part of the wall, which was covered with graffitis after the november 1989. It was really nice, and I enjoyed a sunset on the river !

    Then at night I headed back to the hostel, and was supposed to go to sleep early, but a met a french friend, and we went to try "club-mate", which...revealed itself stronger than coffee ! So we spend the all night discovering Berlin, getting lost everywhere, crossing streets and having fun, finaly we saw a Berlin-Sunrise, and we went back home. 
    The next day, we went to see the Jewish Museum, it was very impressive, because we were reading stories of people, living their everyday life, having fun, having pictures, and then suddently, breaking this into pieces just because of their religion.. it was very difficult to feel good after that... 

    Then we missed our bus to Prague, and we found a B-plan which was calling back Tim and Ezgy ! Actually we joined them in a party, we went to the city center, we played football-table, like in the basement, and then we slept at random flats of friends, so that Aurore was worried in the morning, that I wasn't still back from the party haha ! 
    So after that, we went straight to Prague ; last destination !